Aditya Sharma

Aditya Sharma

Hi, I'm Aditya Sharma.

I'm currently a Project Research Assistant working with Dr. Soumen Chakrabarti at IIT Bombay. Previously, I was a graduate student advised by Dr. Partha Talukdar at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore working in the Machine and Language Learning (MALL) Lab.

Machines have become good at answering simple lookup-based questions. But are they capable of doing complex reasoning? I’m interested in working towards finding the answer.

My research spans the areas of Question Answering (QA), Knowledge Graphs (KG), Large-scale Language Models (LLMs) and Graph Representation Learning.

Three broad themes run through my published work: [1] Enriching and densifying existing KGs, [2] Pushing for better ways to embed KGs, and [3] Using KGs along with LLMs to do complex reasoning. I believe these three go hand in hand – models for downstream tasks like QA depend on a densely populated world knowledge source and well-represented entities and relations to work correctly.

See my CV and Google Scholar for more information on the kind of work that I have done.

You can find me at a variety of other places on the web: